Ashley Tisdale ON ANOTHER DATE


Sexy & single Ashley Tisdale was spotted with new mystery male now identified as Hellcats costar Robbie Jones (Thx Hads) after lunch date at Joan’s On Third in LA. Tis quickly covered her bashful face with her sweater as she & her male friend spotted the cameras. Photos: Fame.

  • HailieMathers

    big black niqqa

  • justlaugh

    She should date a black person! That’d be nice.

  • Dash

    She obviously has platonic male friends that she likes to hang out with. Yes, some of us can have male friends and NOT hookup with them! It looks to me like they either just finished or are on their way to work out.

  • Elriclove18

    Like Corbin Bleu maybe? I wonder how that would work out.. lol

  • amtfan

    That’s Robbie. Hes her hellcats costar. What? She cant have friends oceanup?

  • threelittlebirds

    when can a girl and a boy just hang out and not be considered dating??

  • BrokenArrow

    lol she’s dating the world.

  • JustxLeex

    she just hangs out with friends & male persons & you call it date or dating.
    exaggerated dumbass.

  • jrdance4

    Not a mystery man.. Robbie Jones, Hellcats costar. He plays Lewis. I would assume they’re friends?

  • hello_lovely_much

    thats robbie jones. pretty sure him and ashley are just friends

  • springstrawberry

    Looking hot Robbie ! :) Haven’t seen them hanging out for a long time, cool !

  • peacelovehearts

    Damnn girl.

  • Ijustneedyounow

    oh god his socks *dead*

  • oceanuplies

    tooooo bad that he was on Hell Cats with her. Get your facts straight OceanUp!

  • barbiescunt

    That’s not a date. Lol, she’s hanging out with an old costar. Omg.