Carrie Hope Fletcher Rolling In The Deep

She is Tom Fletcher from McFly’s sister!

  • antitos

    She’s so amazing and talented!! I love her voice <3

  • maial24

    Well done CARRIE! Who thinks Carrie deserves to be famous for her music much more than other people here in Ocean Up??

  • Clauber

    Angie sings this song better:


  • mariana8094

    oh!!! They both sing amazing!!!!! let`s not start to compare them…

  • thunder.girl

    I want to be a Fletcher ):

  • jonashead705

    I love mcfly& I love her singing

  • andreaRJBandTAI

    OMG!!! CARRIE!! she’s amazing, she’s super talented and she sings beautiful <3 I love Fletcher’s family *McFlyer here* from Chile btw

  • Saywhat.not

    omg it was amazing