Kevin & Danielle CHRISTMAS LOVE


UPDATE: Pictures of the Jonas family in Hawaii HERE!

  • forevernalways

    they are so having a baby next year!!! I’m almost totally sure… :) Yayyy next Jonas generation it’s coming..

  • JoeHoe15

    Now that is what you call LOVE!!! They’re sooo adorable! BABY JONAS soon pretty please…..

  • Ijustneedyounow

    aww they have matching pyjamas <3
    and i wanna see some hot shirtless pics of joe and espacially nick *sigh*

  • Dodah_J

    Awww so adorable <33

  • SubwayToVenus

    They’re gorgeous together.

  • memi trumps sel

    They are a great couple

  • memi trumps sel

    They are a great couple

  • -d

    cool i guess. too bad they lost a lot of fame :(

  • loveforeverr

    they are too ca UTE.
    and the hawaii pics are mehh. nick is hot as always, but doesn’t look too happy -_-

  • MyLovato

    aww <3

  • nownlaterz

    So cute omg