David Archuleta WAIT MUSIC VIDEO

  • Justinsuglyglasses

    Here’s the HD version of the Wait video. It’s a lot better than the one posted by OU. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RY5P2aa7QP0

  • MyLovato

    I love him

  • Justinsuglyglasses

    David is the man. This is how you show everyone you have matured into an adult artist – great vocals, song with meaning and a thought provoking video. Leave the shirtless pics, partying and the showmances to the talentless hacks aka former Disney “stars” who really have no other way to get past their teen idol phase.

  • Yesterday…

    I love David. Wish he’d gotten the respect he deserves. Hope he can gain it once he comes back from his mission.

  • gc-r0cks

    Awww last video before he goes on his 2 year mission. So stink. But i’m happy for him :). Great guy

  • 2medicure


  • Kattowd

    He’s gorgeous