Elle Fanning heading to a friends house for a sleepover toting a Hello Kitty hand bag in Studio City, CA on Dec. 28. & Looks like she was pretty excited flashing a fantastic smile while carrying her pillow and handbag. Photos: Fame.

  • kattt.

    Her legs look big.
    Not in the fat way, but as in she is growing into her body.

  • kattt.

    BTW, her outfit would look 1000x better if she had cuter shoes and rolled the bottom of her capris up just one fold.

    But, she doesn’t look all that bad for a 13 year old girl. :)

  • lovemestealmeawayy

    omg her outfit is awful…and those shorts i love her but yeah…uhh idk what to say i mean we all have the days when we don’t look so great so whatever and she still managages to smile and look happy so i’m not going to hate on her..plus shes only like 14.

  • GoMileyGo

    She looks super weird here… Kind of awkward. Not the best choice of outfit…