One Direction & Bieby TOP TEEN STARS


Justin Bieber followed by One Direction were the Top Teen Star Of 2011 with 4 million votes. 1. Justin Bieber (2,020,233 votes) 2. One Direction (1,907,277) 3. Selena Gomez (87,005) 4. Miley Cyrus (81,593) 5. Reece Mastin (72,402) 6. Demi Lovato (36,931) 7. Nick Jonas (33,971) 8. Cody Simpson (28,577) 9. Taylor Lautner (18,602) 10. Miranda Cosgrove (14,382)


  • mileyliampayne

    why i dont know this poll?it is so weird

  • Lantonia

    Taylor was on it too. *_____*

  • entertainmentlove

    bieby -_-

  • Jelenaluv25XD


  • thisloveisours

    oh, i didnt think one direction was that known here already

  • EvanescenceDemon

    Demi <3

  • Anonymousness

    im actaully surprised that demi is higher than nick and taylor.
    i mean, i’m a demi fan, but let’s be real.
    haha wow <3
    yay dems! ?

  • thatmastinkid

    I love how Reece has been around for like, a month and he still came 5th :) you guys should check him out and do an article on him :)

  • SunFlower

    1D is getting more popular… you better which out Bieber.

  • Takes1toKno1

    ^ lol

  • Your Love is my Drug

    I like how no one knows 1D here. It makes me feel like I’m apart of something special

  • Elriclove18

    I remember when the Jonas Brothers were top teen stars. Yup those were the days. Although Im kinda hoping One Direction tops Justin Beiber one day. No offense to his fans but I would much rather 1D than Justin. :p

  • mysticalwonders

    reece mastin, amazing man :D