Justin Bieber New Year’s Performance Pix

  • kardashian

    Those girls in the photos with bieber are trying to hard to pout and especially the blonde girl she’s like posing.

  • entertainmentlove


  • Justinsuglyglasses

    That Let it Be performance was probably the best vocal/piano I’ve heard from Justin since his voice changed but to be honest, it is still pretty ordinary. Carlos Santana definitely added a cool element to it. This performance by David Archuleta at 14/15 still my favorite vocal/piano performance by a teen. Even though David is younger, you can hear the better vocal technique and maturity in David’s singing. And this was after David’s vocal paralysis. Not hating on Justin but want him to be realistic. I think too many sycophants may be blowing smoke up his ass. He’s still got a lot of work to do on his craft. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFAAzxAlhHc

  • oceanUP

    praise bieby

  • Lantonia

    Thanks Sasha. :)

  • Lantonia

    Birthday party in a few seconds. Hope you all had a nice new years eve. :)

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  • UlitmateAnon

    No offensive but this was one of his worst performances. I feel like he focused to much on playing the piano that he forgot what singing on key meant. ekk

  • anonmus

    Not saying this to be a hater, but he is not a good vocalist. I saw this last night and was surprised at how weak and off key his voice was. Carlos Santana outclassed him bigtime. As did Florence and the Machine and Taio Cruz. Lady GaGa had to sing while dancing and still did great.

  • Takes1toKno1


    and yeah i believe he could’ve done better on his performance, i could kinda barely hear him,it was crazy, the piano part surprised me, that was pretty cool. But he’s still young and new at this, I’m sure he’s going to get nothing but better with practice and the help from mama jan. :-)

  • Terrell

    No offence, but this vocal doesn’t hold a candle to David Archuleta singing a mashup of his own song Good Place with Let It Be at the VIP pre-shows on his recent Christmas tour … check it out:

  • MichelleMarie

    wow, that was good! Is GoodPlace a song from his lastest album? he sounds so good. That guy can sing!

  • Justinsuglyglasses

    Thanks for making my point. A 14 or 15 year old David Archuleta is better vocally than Justin. A 20 year old David Archuleta is in a totally different league. The sooner Justin realizes this, the sooner he can do the work necessary to improve his vocals and increase his chances of a viable adult career. While he’s at it, he might want to buy Selena some singing lessons too. She’s worse than him. Poor technique and no power at all.

  • Terrell

    ikr, yes Good Place is from his last album, “The Other Side of Down” … it’s awesome, just didn’t get much promo (label went under I hear)