Miley Cyrus & Cheyne New Years Love


  • kardashian

    I love her outfit , fabulous as always

  • mileyftw

    She looks soooo gorgeous.

  • Dash

    Where the hell is she? It doesn’t make sense to me to be wearing thousand dollar boots & then sitting in a shithole apartment or wherever that is. Random… Probably smoking salvia together…

  • gorgeousselena

    ewww disgusting bitch!

  • mileyqueen

    all hail queen miles! <3

  • mileyliampayne

    miley spent new year time with Cheyne.

  • mileyliampayne

    Cheyne,what is his work?how did miley know him?

  • mileyliampayne

    Cheyne,what does he work?how did miley know him?

  • BrokenArrow

    mileyliampayne said:

    Cheyne,what is his work?how did miley know him?

    I think he’s a photographer

  • mfan2

    hey, miley

  • oceanUP

    praise my Lord

  • Sparks

    I LOVE IT!

  • Dodah_J

    i love her so much <3