Miley Cyrus Kelly Osbourne PUNK’D

  • kardashian

    It was kind of a weird prank but still funny, Miley was just acting casual hahah

  • mileyftw

    LOOOOL I love her.

  • TeeKayXD
  • Lantonia

    I didn’t find this funny at all, but I’m happy to see the show returning. :)

  • iusedtobelovedrunk

    unless ashton hosts, this show will fail.

  • iusedtobelovedrunk

    unless ashton hosts, this show will fail.

  • Live.Love.Learn.

    unless ashton hosts, this show will fail.
    IA. There were rumors that Bieber was gonna host, but I rlly rlly hope that isn’t true :L

  • Demigod

    ahahahahaha omg xD

  • liiiiisa

    That was stupid. Punk’d used to be so much better.

  • mfan2

    Miley always liked this show.

  • realistgangsta

    can’t wait

  • SMAD

    Can’t wait to watch. <3

  • anonmus

    I have to say, sometimes it surprises me just how pretty Miley is. I always thought of her as cute. This looks like a funny show. I wonder who else is going to be on it.

  • taylorsromeo


  • gorgeousselena

    damn miley looks even more ugly in up close, damn her fat face and her disgusting teeth and horrible mouth, gross as hell!

  • gorgeousselena

    btw miley is so fucking stupid, she try so hard and always fail! poor talentless attention whore

  • SmellsLikeTeenSpirt

    She’s such a try hard :L

  • GoMileyGo

    Miley suprised us all! Who knew that she’s going to be on the show? :)))

  • entertainmentlove


  • PermanantDecemberXO

    I couldn’t do Punk’d I would die laugh (especially at this one). She wasn’t good either but Khole didn’t pay attention cause her and Kelly were laughing.

  • BrokenArrow


  • wavy

    I thought this prank was hilarious, khloes face! lmfao. I was hoping they showed Demi getting punk’d but instead they showed Tyler.

  • omg wtf lolz

    AHAHAHAHAHAH khloe’s face :’D

  • mileyqueen


  • thefuturemrsnickjonas

    so is this a new show or…???

  • MRC

    Not a new show, it’s just been off the air for a few years and now it’s returning.

    Miley’s episode is the first episode of the new season and return. And it airs on March 19, 2012 on MTV.

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