Joe Jonas & Wilmer LAS VEGAS BFFS


Lavo DJ booth.

  • nicholasjonasheart


  • l?veislouder

    lololol convenient.

  • Peekaboo


  • SunFlower

    These mofos are friends now? Such a small world.

  • liss1

    BFFS??????? oceanup, shut up!!

  • thefuturemrsnickjonas


  • SMAD

    Dear god, give me strength in this especially hard time of my Jonas stan life. Let the bile that threatens to come up my throat fall back, and let the denial of Joe hanging out with trash in my system remain. Praise st. Joseph dear lord, lead him to a better path. I pray that Joe hoes stay strong, and remember always. Sober. Is. Sexy.

  • SMAD

    But on the other hand, the Jonas are kings of pr. I sense Josephine has one up his sleeve.