• realistgangsta

    cute and i love that she is just being a kid and having fun

  • JJlover

    I watched half the video, but confirmed that something inspired by Rebecca Black can’t be good, But I have nothing against Noah anyway :)

  • misscherie13

    of course she’s “trying to act like Miley”. Miley is her older sister! Have you ever had a sister older than you? Have you ever tried to act like her just because you thought it was cool?
    C’mon! I’m pretty sure Noah would have done the same if Miley wasn’t famous! & I mean trying to be like her older sister!

    & anyway, she’s 11. she wants to have fun like everyone else does, especially who’s 11. what’s the problem with that? just because her sister is famous and she’s famous because of her sister that doesn’t mean she can’t have fun like a normal 11-years-old girl.

    You say she’s annoying you? So don’t watch her videos. Ignore her!

    I think she’s adorable, I have never had a sister but I think it would be funny to have a little sister like Noah.

    peaceout x

  • Nadz___

    When Miley was Noies age, didn’t people say that she was just Billy’s daughter and she would never be famous? That’s why I hate it when people say that Noah is just Miley’s sister.

  • GoMileyGo

    To Sparks:
    I’m serious. Is there anything wrong with asking a question??

  • Sparks

    She’s a 11 years old girl. They’re having fun if you’re too stupid to “hate” them, you shouldn’t watch these videos. I bet you’re older than them so get the hell out of here.

  • BrokenArrow

    She irks me.

  • memi trumps sel

    this was actually pretty funny. And Noah is destines to be famous

  • glitterfruitx

    She’s cute and looks like fun to be with but honestly she’s not a celebrity. It just bothers me when people think she’s such an amazing singer and everything when she’s really only known for being the sister of Miley Cyrus.
    (Don’t get me wrong, though, this video was entertaining lol)

  • lovelife

    what the fuck…

  • GoMileyGo

    Well this is awkward… They are making fun of Miley or what?

  • ann932

    i’m pretty sure that ‘it’s 2012, 2012 gotta get down on 2012′ will come to my mind at school tomorrow.

  • mini1099yooo

    what just happened

  • oceanUP

    noah cyrus is the NEW TWEEN QUEEN!!

  • Ijustneedyounow

    i find noah a very tiny bit annoying… and did you ever notice that she trys to talk and act just like miley?

  • entertainmentlove

    0_o brain fart

  • SMAD

    I feel bad for saying this but she’s annoying.

  • whindy

    i cant believe i wasted my time watching this…shes just a kid and we all did stuff sorda like this when we were kids, but dannngggg it was annoying

  • Sparks

    What the hell, are you serious? Oh God…

    GoMileyGo said:
    Well this is awkward… They are making fun of Miley or what?