Selena Gomez South America Tour Dates


Rio de Janeiro, BR – Feb. 4 Sao Paolo, Brazil – Feb. 5 Cordoba, AR – Feb. 7

  • BrokenArrow

    Doo daa doo

  • ohsnapitznessa

    BrokenArrow said:
    Only 3 dates? :S

    I Know Right! Doesn’t Seem Like A Tour To Me..?

  • thisloveisours

    where is that picture from? i’ve never seen it before

  • ro_00123

    no its missing one date I’m going to the concert in lima peru feburary 2 2012 i can’t wait so excited

  • random_

    ahh i love james franco :D

  • Showtime

    Stupid celebrities and managers or whatever think south america is just fucking brazil? shit man. why even come to south america if they are just goin to all the fuckin damn brazil states and not to the other cities what abouttt panama ecuadorrrr puerto ricooo costa rica venezuela… where all the ppl is! fuck u brazil ur not the only one.

  • ro_00123

    and so so you what about colombia peru argentina chile theres a lot more and they don’t only think its brazil justin and selena both came to peru so don’t think that they only think its brazil

  • BrokenArrow

    I Know Right! Doesn’t Seem Like A Tour To Me..?

    i think that’s the dates they added to the tour.. so there must be toher dates too :)

  • kardashian

    Horrible photo of both of them