Ashley Tisdale Dating Taylor Swift Ex?


Ashley Tisdale is dating Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend reports Radar Online. Taylor and Martin reportedly fell pretty hard for each other until her ‘team’ decided he wouldn’t be good for her image. ‘Taylor was really head over heels for Martin, but her team didn’t really feel that he was a good influence on her or her image.

So she was pretty much forced to end things. She sort of broke his heart. He is a really great guy. Since they split he has really turned his life around.’ Ashley and Martin spent New Year’s Eve together in New York City before flying back to Los Angeles together.

  • kayliah

    Um, well it’s not that hard when the media labels every guy she’s ever hung out with an “ex”.

    She’s had THREE boyfriends since she’s been famous…Joe, Taylor, and Jake. And she hasn’t dated anyone since Jake. Which was over a year ago.

  • shanghai123

    Hmmm interesting did not know about that one. Wonder which of Taylors songs is about him then? There is always a song about an ex!!

  • kayliah

    Ugh. They never DATED. They were hanging out and writing songs together in Nashville back 2007.

    He’s the guy Love Story is about. Her parents didn’t want her do date him. She was only 17, he was in his 20s. And he was a creep. So she didn’t date him.

    But they’re still cool. She even did “Two is Better Than One” with him in 2009. And one of the songs they wrote together back in 2007, “If This Was a Movie” was a bonus track on Speak Now.

  • Showtime

    everyonee is an ex of taylor swift…. should not even beee surprisin anymoree… i bet even shes ex of my boyff/girlffss haha

  • sSacks12

    i LOVE their song together!!! they would be a cute couple. tisdale is moving pretty fast after herbreakup!!! maybe she broke up with the other guy for him

  • SMAD


  • MacaDrew

    Is that Martin from Boys Like Girls?

  • mirandagirl

    He dated Taylor Swift? Since when?

  • Dash

    Yea when did this supposedly happen? I swear, that girl has dated and “fell head over heels” for everyone.

  • Lantonia

    Yea when did this supposedly happen? I swear, that girl has dated and “fell head over heels” for everyone.
    Haha, yes. ^^

  • BrokenArrow

    LOL How many guys has Taylor swift dated?

  • SunFlower

    Shoooooot. Girlfriend gets around.

  • wh0redyn

    Who isn’t Taylor Swift’s ex boyfriend…… forreal doe

  • lastkiss

    I was already bored of this the first time, lol good for Ashley…I guess?

  • Whatuwerethinkin

    so she did to him what joe did to her, just in a less public, humilating way….boo hoo.