Nick J Looking Forward To New York Life

‘Favorite thing about New York? I think the fact that it’s all here all on this island, well in Manhattan, at least, & it’s just an amazing city. The energy here is unlike anywhere in the world, and so many creative and talented people in this city and so many people that are passionate about theater and the arts and the things..

I’m really passionate about. Being around those people inspires me in so many ways. I think it’s one of those places that you have to live in once in your life and I’m blessed to be here. I think I’m really looking forward to setting up my world here. I’ve had the opportunity, this last year spending more time in LA and..

..being based there primarily, to kind of build a community of friends and have that whole atmosphere. And I hope to do the same here and hopefully have my friends come out and visit me here.. I’ve got a guest bedroom, so I’ll be able to have some friends over to stay.’

  • SMAD


  • SunFlower

    Old man.

  • sSacks12

    he’ll be fantastic on broadway!!!

  • glitterfruitx

    I love New York and am so excited to see him perform (:

  • selene

    I think anyone would like to live in New York and this could be anyone’s dream, I am sure about this.
    Cazare Rasnov Ieftina

  • oceanUP

    it’s nice now delta can live with him in new york now…

  • JoeHoe15

    So, Joe will be the one left in L.A.

  • classicalmusicplayer

    I hope he is fabulous in H2$. The role seems mature for him but I’m so glad that he’s taking his broadway career to the next level. He could be a great star.

  • SMAD