Nick Jonas Les Mis NEW Behind Scenes

  • Anonymous

    still don’t understand why the JB “went their own ways” when they did, I feel like they could have ridden the fame wave a little longer I kinda blame Jonas LA and Justin Bieber but still not sure when the transition happened that they fizzled out a little :( Nick was a good Marius, obvs not the best bc of the voice but still did an impressive job holding his own with some of the biggest names in British Theater plus Marius is more about the persona, the nice innocent young gentlemen NIck fit well, not really about the voice.

  • selene

    I saw the videos and both of them are really interesting, it seems that he is going to have a lot of fans and this is really nice for them.
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  • Ijustneedyounow

    love it :)
    but nick is just so short… -.-

  • classicalmusicplayer

    Les Mis wasn’t a good fit for Nick. He needs something more peppy and fun. Nick going into How To will either make him and earn some fame back and attract a new audience or make him him the one child star with a lot of time and money on his hand…

  • anonmus

    I thought Samantha Barks made him look taller than usual here cause she’s a bit shorter. They were so cute together. The voices of Ramin, and Alfie and Lea Salonga are soooo
    beautiful on this. Too bad they didn’t get Samantha singing with Nick. At least I have it on DVD.

  • loveforeverr

    what does pll have to do with this? baha
    but i love how at the beginning alfie’s just standing there holding that note out like nbd.. nbd guise i can do this all day.
    and lea, ramin ahh <3
    last note – katie looks way better with brown hair, imo :)
    and of course nick was great..

  • xxxsingxxx

    ha totally agree about alfie. He is a boss. He was just holding that amazing note out and had his hands on his hips like it was nothing

  • ljs1202

    Here’s the better clip with Nick & Ramin:

    Funny when Matt says, “It’s Justin Bieber!”

  • xxxsingxxx

    hmm so coset was a brunet?

  • SMAD

    I already saw this! Luv him