Zayn Malik Standard Safety Precautions


Nialll Horan confessed to Teen Now that he was embarrassed when Louis Tomlinson pulled down his pants in front of fans: ‘Oh they were delighted. I had nice Calvin Kleins on, but I was so embarrassed.’

Harry Styles almost had to postpone 18th birthday celebrations because of a flight to the US. West Coast America is eight hours behind us, which means the Harry would technically still be only 17 as he flies back in time to the States on February 1. Harry: ‘We are on a plane to the US on my birthday.

That means we’ll be going back in time so I stay 17.’ Spokesman: ‘Although he may go back in time travelling to the US, as he is 18 in the country where he boarded the flight, he will be fine to enjoy a drink on board.’ Harry laughed: ‘I’ll just have to wait until I’m back home to party.’ Bournemouth concert pix HERE!

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  • joechick

    he should fuck me already

  • BrokenArrow

    i wish zayn tweeted more than just Hi’s and goonight and some life quotes…

  • Live.Love.Learn.


  • joechick

    gtfo Marissa
    Zayn is mine

  • Live.Love.Learn.

    Lawl no. Besides, you love Harry now soooo. xD

  • joechick

    Lawl no. Besides, you love Harry now soooo. xD
    Never. I only have this icon cause of Jackie

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    He seems like such a knob…