Harry Styles & Louis Tomlinson reportedly want to buy the penthouse where Ashley Cole was living when he first met pop star Cheryl Cole almost ten years ago. The north London home costs £3 million. The whole groups all live in the block, the same one that Girls Aloud lived in when they first hit the pop scene, and Harry and Louis are currently renting the penthouse for £3,000 a week.

But now they want to fully own the home, which, according to the Daily Star, they call their ‘pimped-out penthouse’. They threw a New Year’s Eve party there for 50 of their friends which ended up costing them hundreds of pounds to clean, and Harry loves the place because of the connection to Cole.

‘They had a wild bash with Louis hiring a coach to bring his old school chums. Harry was telling everyone he’s fallen head over heels for the flat, and loved the fact Ashley Cole used to live there. Most lads dream of lording around a footballer’s pad, so Harry and Louis have earned bragging rights.’

  • Kristine

    Harry is the most sweet guys in my life! :d

  • Live.Love.Learn.


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    I didn’t even know about the accident so when Niall tweeted that i was like OMG

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    they are too cute for words

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    aww i love them they r too amazing!! they make me smile every time i watch them!!

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    Niall is the most perfect man I’ve ever seen in my life!

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    They were in a accident? glad they didn’t get hurt or anything,

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    Louis, Zayn and Niall had a whiplash but besides that they’re fine ;)

    Loving all the bum in the video diary ^^
    Larry Stylinson! :D

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    They’re so cute .. never change <33