Victoria Justice CANDY COVER GIRL


(On releasing her solo album) ‘These songs are like my children.’ (On making the first move) ‘There’s nothing wrong with making the first move, but don’t go in blind, either. What I mean by that is, you should at least have a little insider info that he likes you.. In the end you just have to remember that everyone’s different – some people are really comfortable making the first move and some people aren’t, and that’s fine.’

(On people saying she’s full of herself) ‘I don’t like being the center of attention and have a difficult time being around people who need to be in the spotlight all the time.’ (In dealing with negativity) ‘You develop thicker skin over time and realize that you just have to ignore it.’

(On who she looks up to in Hollywood) ‘There are many people I admire for their body of work, Meryl Streep would be one of them. It’s so impressive the way she tackles her roles and commits to them.’ (On who she’s patterning her career after) ‘..I think Justin Timberlake is having quite a moment, and I’d more or less like to follow his path.’

(On her career) ‘I just want to keep on honing my craft and can only hope that one day I’d be able to look back and be very proud of my work, whether it’s acting or making music.’ (On her style) ‘I love dressing up and I’m definitely becoming more adventurous when it comes to fashion, there are things I wear now that I wouldn’t have touched years ago.’

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    A million thnkas for posting this information.

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    I bow down hlmuby in the presence of such greatness.

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    she’s such a real person. you can tell she doesn’t want to be changed by fame at all. we need more stars like that.

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    She is such a beauty”…and if that wasnt enuf Talented!!

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    Is she still with that guy? Do not know his name. If not, I can see Joe trying to get back in the game randomnly talking to her and others. Haha he just jumps in the convo.