Zendaya Something You Dance For

  • Anonymous

    She’s better than Bella, at least.
    Her songs are pointless, but she’s only like 13, so give her a break.. She seems like a nice girl

  • Anonymous

    No one needs to do anything. Realize that plenty of people love Shake it Up. The problem is those that are watching it that hate it.

  • Anonymous

    her and bella need to gtfo!

  • Anonymous

    Disney is so trying to recreate 2006-2011.

    Bella=Miley (obviously)
    Zendaya=Demi or Sel (I think they are trying to combine the two)
    Debby might be David Henrie? At most Selena, especially because of the resemblances.

  • hotbody

    I feel like Disney is trying to make her the “it” girl atm

  • adorkabledanni

    SMH. Original Disney with Raven and Lizzie was better than 2006. But 2006 was better than whatever the heck this is…

  • Anonymous

    Girl can’t sing, and her show was the horrible start of Disney’s downfall.

  • ?ZSwagger

    Zendaya is awesome and why did you go to this page if you hate her? ~rolls eyes~ ? *ZSwagger*