Bieby’s Dad Pulled Over In His Batmobile


Justin Bieber’s dad Jeremy was pulled over driving his Batmobile. Witnesses watched a Waterloo Regional Police officer pull over Jeremy, but police could not confirm whether a member of the Stratford family was stopped on Manitou Drive in the famously tricked-out vehicle.

Tom Kukla works at nearby Gemini Motors, and he said he would recognize the Biebermobile from a mile away. Kurtka said: ‘It was unmistakably his vehicle. I recognized it right away.‘ Kukla ran to take a picture, but stopped short near the driver’s side when he realized it wasn’t the Bieby behind the wheel.

‘I went up to the window to talk to him. He said, ‘Oh, I’m his dad. I’m Jeremy, nice to meet you.’
‘ Kukla said he was disappointed not to meet Justin, but added the car itself was an awesome sight. Justin is in Mexico with Selena Gomez..

..for a friend’s wedding. Justin has been pulled over twice in California since he got Biebermobile last fall, once for cutting off a California Highway Patrol officer and once for an improper left turn. He drove away with a smile & a warning both times.

  • entertainmentlove

    lol these fuckers and the bieby

  • XGhostShadowX

    Can’t expect much better choices from his dad now can we? I mean have you seen the kid…I mean his dad… can see where Biebs gets his I think Im badass even though I look like a skinny little no muscle chick. His dad probably pretends he’s his famous son because he is jealous. Pants falling off, tattoos, driving like an idiot, like father like son…plus the horndog Biebs is no doubt he’ll follow in his fathers footsteps there as well…hopefully not with Selena.
    It’s alright to have a fast car, its the idiots who buy them and automatically think they know how to be great drivers. I’ve met and seen many. Take for instance this black Cadillac isnt the fastest car Biebs could have bought but…but since he’s a dumb young driver who likes to throw away money and likes to be the center of attention he bought it and he doesnt know how to drive in the first place + add a car thats too fast for him….will fortunately have nature take care of him. Biebs was pulled over way more times then just those 2 other times, plus he rarely ever has a seat belt on in pics…but he was pulled over for driving dangerous and racing in LA (a place where the number of people,cars,motorcycles per area is insane)…police need to stop with the warnings and fine him or take him to jail like they do everybody else…or they can just wait till he kills somebody which they’ll probably let him off for that to. Even more dumb Biebs buying his best friend a Mustang convertible…cant wait till this kid flips that car and kills himself after driving erratically or racing…what a great best friend you are Biebs, why dont you just go to ID you bf now …besides the fact that his bf should feel like a loser for having his best friend buying him his first car…absolutely zero want to earn something for their self these days they just want everything handed to them.Its sad

  • AcidPinkLemonade

    I see bad driving skills run in the family.

  • JustinBieberWarrior

    yeah justin said once he inherited his mom’s terrible driving skills.

  • Anonymous

    you know im starting to think its more about the car then the person driving it lol

  • Anonymous

    why call him bieby?!

  • Anonymous

    why call him bieby?!

    it sounds so stupid.

  • Anonymous

    Like Father, Like Son. Jumpsuit before 21

  • Ijustneedyounow

    i still think it’s stupid to buy an extremly fast car in america or most other countrys if you’re not allowed to drive nearly as fast as the car can go. we have all those idiots come over here and have races on our highways (we don’t have a speeding limit on most highways) with their ferraris or porsches and cause multiple accidents. one of those fuck heads with a californian license plate (?) almost ran into us a few days ago.