Justin Bieber ‘Rap-Singing’ On New Single


Lil Twist told MTV about his new single with Justin Bieber: ‘We’re getting ready to drop that record ‘Wherever You Are.’ Y’all will have that real soon. & It’s a fun record. Justin killed it. He’s, like, rap-singing on it; another different sound for..

..Justin. It’s gonna be great. It’s a cool summer record. It’s a party song. Straight for the sun. It’s a Miami record. Just me and Justin, people been waiting on that. That’s my brother right there. It’s just been a long time coming.’

  • Anonymous

    he is so pathetic, doing the devil horns so that people will think he’s “in the illuminati” he’s so disgusting and such an attention whore. people are going to find out really soon about who he really is and what a fraud him and his whole image that his handlers have created for him is and one of these days someone who knows the truth is going to put his @ss on BLAST!!

  • GoldenGirlJr.

    I’m so over him. I never really was interested with him/about his stuff. Bieber-fever around the world is dead.

  • HPloverForever

    ^^ Agreed