Vanessa Hudgens Fake Beauty Mark


And Frizzy Hair!

  • Anonymous

    I use to love Vanessa.. But, she’s not doing anything relevant any more :/

  • Anonymous

    her hair has grown back, hasn’t it?

    I prefer her with long hair

  • Anonymous

    If that was me, that short hair would be about 2 inches shorter than Nessa’s now lol.

  • Anonymous

    Oceanup, that is not frizzy hair and if Vanessa actually said that she’s out of her mind ;) Hair is not perfect, but that’s NOT frizzy.

  • Dash

    I don’t get her style now.

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  • Anonymous


  • exoticmist

    I miss her look from 2006/2007. She looked best then, in my opinion. Still gorgeous, though. :)

  • anonymous

    Well she never really beautiful!
    All she did look beautiful it cause of her make up actress
    Done it for her!