Very Happy 15th Birthday Cody Simpson!


  • Anonymous

    so freaking unattractive & annoying.
    who even gives a fuck anymore?

  • Rosette

    Happy birthday.l can’t wait on your next ablm with JB

  • Me-Me

    Wow, he doesn’t look like he’s 15 ! I thought he was a least 17 ! i’m not a fan but he kooks good :)

  • Anonymous

    lolol i’m older than him

  • Anonymous

    The love journey can start as early as 8, but mostly when you’re in middle school. Believe it or not, you can get serious relationships and have serious feelings. When love starts, it starts hard and it starts fast. He probably has about 4 years under his belt, but also not to mention he has more experienced people writing for him, maybe.

  • kattt.

    I don’t see how someone 15 years old has so much to sing about when it comes to love…

  • xxxsingxxx

    I always for get he is so young. When he first was around he really did look 13. He grew up quick. Guess he hit puberty.

  • Anonymous

    seriously don’t know how any one finds him attractive :/ lol
    happy birthday any way cody

  • Anonymous

    i so relate to what you all say. i’m 14 n everybody is sure i’m atleast 16-17.
    anyway-happy b-day hun!

  • Jess

    I cant believe hes only 15! I thought he was only like 17

  • Anonymous


  • iskoiskoisko

    he looks like he’s 18 :) but happy birthday! we love you Cody!

  • Justinsuglyglasses

    He looks like he’s 25. Sun damage does that to you.

  • Anonymous

    he looks so old to be soo young…