• SelGomezRules

    You went to Turkey?????

  • ceren_jonas

    i was there i saw her she was amazing i hope she will come back to Turkey

  • BrokenArrow

    the dress o_o

  • Anonymous

    It’s pretty. :D

  • dilemma

    rofl xD

  • BoomBoom

    All hail new disney slave!

    this is what’s going to happen
    she’s gonna play in her series and a movie
    then an album after 3 seasons of jessie
    she’s gonna quit she’s gonna do some teen romance movies
    maybe start a clothing line and then just in some shitty movies..

    sorry but i think she doesn’t have the singing talents of demi
    neither the acting talent of Selena and Miley
    but China Anne Mcclain she’s gonna go far with her voice believe me zendaya is pretty
    and bella…wannabe2 but neither of them can really sing

    DISNEY IS RUINED…except for Bridgit Mendler and Charlie :p

  • Anonymous

    This post has one of the most comments (that are NOT a chat post) out of the recent ones (minus Selena and Justin’s, obv.) Maybe Debby IS the new Disney princess…what, with all the flack she’s been getting about being the new princess, maybe that in itself is making her the new princess. Good thing I think is it started when she was already 18 so she might handle it VERY well.

  • Anonymous

    it started when she was 18 but because of that it will be hard for her to get out of the disney audience when she’s 23 she’ll still have that disney image and 12-14 fans

  • Anonymous

    hmmm i dont really like her….

  • xAskTaylorx

    Pretty cool! Pretty cool! She’s not full of herself, yet.