Ashley Tisdale Austin Butler BEST BUDS


Nessa is on her way to Australia!

  • Anonymous

    Ashley knew Austin before Vanessa.. She probably even introduced them to each other.. Geeeeeeez.


    hes to sexy call me austin butleer im 19 and my number is 2589973 plz call and when is your next concert or something

  • Anonymous

    Jajajajajajajaja son tan graciosos los comentarios, asgleu no es roba novios, ella es amiga de Austin mucho antes que vanessa yo supongo que hasta ella misma los presento… Que horror este sitio es muy sarcástico. Oh quizá muchaaaaaaas personas no me entiendan :)

  • mysticalwonders

    awww, cute photo, ashley is adorable, and so is he :)

  • BrokenArrow

    so cute

  • cblover

    i thought that Justin Bieber haha

  • kat

    dont trust that hoe vanessa! first zac now austin…..

  • DieMannschaft

    watch out nessa,ashley’s gonna steal yo man again!

  • Anonymous

    zac has been replaced.. :p

  • xGottaLoveOU?

    I notice she is always with nessa’s exes or the guy she is with. idk i just noticed…

  • Dash

    Those two look like they could be related. Maybe Nessa is secretly attracted to Ashley so she went for the male version of her.