Dylan & Cole Sprouse Long Hair Meeting


My best friend and I were on set for their DANIMALS commercial. The boys were super nice. To get a picture with them, my dad asked ‘hey Dylan, can you help me embarass my daughter?’ And he did.

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  • Anonymous

    Cole can cut his hair…

  • LetsJumpTheSun

    he looks old

  • Anonymous

    Okay. Im the one in the pixture. The boys both took a break because theyre going to school. they chose to become “irrelevant”. Neither of them are using drugs. Yes, cole has the longer hair. But they’re both super nice. It’s really shameful that just hecause they go away from the spotlight and grow their hair out you think theyre uusing drugs. Grow up. theyre both so kind and really respectful and humble. Bella thorne was also on the shoot.

  • Anonymous

    thank you you for kind words , al ways people have something bad to say a bout them esp.for cole

  • Anonymous

    cole doesnt look very good here but he is super cute &in the most of the pics &videos &HE DOES look good with long hair.besides why you think he cares a bout your opinion? he wants to live like a normal guy &he is confident a bout himself,if he would like to live like a star &looks perfect ,he would do that.

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  • Anonymous

    why you think cole has start drugs bitch?because you doesnt like him &want to start another stupid rumor?BOTH look ok &health unless you have done blood test on cole ..get a life losers.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous said:

    wow they got irrelevant and i think they started using drugs

    I think Cole has, but Dylan doesn’t look like he’s been using drugs…

  • Anonymous

    i dont really care if cole has short or long hair ,he is attractive dude anyway &has the better body of the 2,just i think when some guy has long hair must have them trimmed al the time to look good &cole havent,at least in that pic,but whatever,he is cute.

  • Lolly pop

    eeewwwwwwww. Cole needs a haircut ASAP!!

    Thats cole right? the one with the longer hair?

  • Anonymous

    lol they’re still doing Danimals???!

  • Anonymous

    Well, SOMEONE older has to do the things for little kids lol.

  • Anonymous

    He looks bad with long hair

  • Anonymous

    ohmygosh they are SO HARD to tell apart at first and second glance.

    I think that’s Cole with the longer hair, though. I learned the expressions of Zack and Cody and I see little nuances after looking for a few.

  • BrokenArrow

    He doesnt look good.

  • Anonymous

    wow they got irrelevant and i think they started using drugs

  • Anonymous

    why you think they started to use drugs? hope not

  • Anonymous

    everybody calling they irrelevant, they can stay irrelevant for as long as they please.
    They made enough money to just enjoy life now, they’ve always been private anyways and who cares if they are still doing Danimals commercials.. it’s money in their pockets hell i’d do Danimals commercials for the money they are probably getting.