Noah Cyrus, ‘Heyyyyoooo Hotties!’


  • xAskTaylorx

    Well somebody didn’t receive the good genetics in the Cyrus family. The other girls look wayy better. How old is she again? – 8? 11? Someones not raising this annoying child right.

  • XGhostShadowX

    Noah is trying to grow up to fast and be like her famous siblings. A 12yo shouldnt be hanging around nor dressing and acting like a 15/16 yo’s like she does. Sad…she’ll be a mess when shes older
    Difference between Demi’s younger sis and Noah…Madison works (and earns her fame) and acts like a kid. Noah is just using her family for attention and wants things handed to her…and is like a little splice of her mom…doesnt look or act her age.

  • BrokenArrow

    Someones not raising this annoying child right.


  • Anonymous

    wtf noah works to you dumb bitch leave her alone and stop bullying little kids over the internet

  • Anonymous

    I like Miley and all but something about Noah irks me… even if she is her sister

  • simpleness

    As long as she’s not in rehab by the age of 18 it’s all good.

  • ASmartGirl

    Whats wrong with noah??? she’s only a kid, leave her alone.

  • Anonymous

    can’t stand her -.-

  • threelittlebirds

    ASmartGirl said:
    Whats wrong with noah??? she’s only a kid, leave her alone.
    i agree. just because she’s miley’s sister it doesn’t meant she is going to turn out like her. what about demi’s sister? does everything think she’s going to be depressed, suicidal, and have body image issues like demi did growing up. no. i’m sure noah and madison know what they’re sisters went through and why would they want that.

  • simpleness

    Noah needs a reality show.

  • Anonymous

    -.- annoying

  • oceanUP


  • Kelly

    Sad sad child.

  • entertainmentlove

    this kid -_-

  • Anonymous

    poor kid, I hope she won’t have to be like her older sister #justsaying

  • Anonymous

    lol rehab by 15 I say

  • Anonymous

    I feel bad for Noah. Her friends are all like 15/16 and she is only 12. :/ and she’s already acting like a 16 year old. At least Miley was decent when she was 12. -shakes head-

  • Anonymous

    SO TRUE!

  • Lantonia


  • virendra

    I am feeling so glad reading your post.i like your blog..

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    They all didn’t comb their hair…