Victoria Justice Golden Globes After Party


Victoria Justice The 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards 13th Annual Warner

Bros. And InStyle After Party at The Beverly Hilton hotel Los Angeles. WENN.

+ Emma Roberts!


  • Anonymous

    Love the pic of the monkey trying to slip her some tongue.

  • Anonymous

    she’s so pretty

  • Anonymous

    Oceanup should add and post the pic of Shailene Woodley at the golden globes after party she was wearing toe shoes instead of heels lol

  • Anonymous

    Cute :)

  • Anonymous

    She’s so talented and pretty. Disney was stupid to let go this beautiful lady ;)

  • Anonymous

    ceeeral said:

    SHE’S WITH THE MONKEY! :D i love that monkey!

    Gurrrrl i want your profile pic in a bigger size pleassssseeeeee gimme the link :)

  • Live.Love.Learn.

    She is not too thin. At least not in an unhealthy way. She just looks small boned to me. I would love to look like her :)

  • Takes1toKno1


  • Anonymous

    Her dress is too short if you ask me. What is it with this girl wanting to show her buttcheecks and crotch off to people :P


    Her ass is actually completely covered, as well as her crotch….soo idk what you’re talking about anon.

  • unknown

    man ! ur so preetty ! :)

  • At Narina .

    she is soo beautiful i love her

  • Anonymous

    she is a young nina dobrev, that’s all I can see

  • Didi

    I agree thats shes flawless and funny bc i love her!

  • Lolly pop

    She’s soo prettyy

  • BrokenArrow

    omg why is she so flawless?

  • Anonymous

    she is so skinny! :[ NOT ATTRACTIVE

  • Anonymous

    Monkeys lickin her cheek lol

  • dilemma

    when I was 16..
    I got too much ass

  • fillepeur

    that dress is lovely

  • mini1099yooo

    nice dress

  • Anonymous


  • GoldenGirlJr.

    She is so thin!

  • ceeeral

    SHE’S WITH THE MONKEY! :D i love that monkey!

  • Anonymous

    When she was on Suite Life, I knew she would grow up to be beautiful. My expectations were more than exceeded. They were blown.

  • Anonymous

    i love the pic with the monkey haha she’s so pretty.

  • Anonymous

    i wish i was as thin as her.

  • Anonymous

    NO U DONT!