• Becca

    How can they say it tastes like feet?It’s delicious!! :) All the things they ate are ;p (Maybe it’s cause i’m swedish)

  • Anonymous

    ahaha omg the friends version is histerical lol

  • Anonymous

    too bad sopa is gonna take that down soon….

  • Anonymous


  • Disco.Is.Dead

    Taste like feet.

    You adorable creature.

  • Anonymous

    the way louis harry and liam are looking at the girl when she eats that thing !!

  • fixyouwithlove.xo

    liam: “you enjoyed it, didn’t you?”

    harry: “..not really. no.”

    <3 lmaao. so cuuteee.

  • Anonymous

    THAT VIDEO THO. Friends + 1D = my favorite things of all time.

  • 1DAmericanFan

    “it tastes like feet.” AWW HARRY I LOVE YOU <3

  • Live.Love.Learn.

    My babies <3333333

    Idk why they were so polite though. I would’ve been like fuck no lady, I’m not eating that! O.o jkjk

  • Anonymous

    Of course, Niall’s the first one to eat! :)
    Love One Direction!! <3

  • BrokenArrow

    I love the way harry says ‘is it?’ :P