Megan & Liz Old School Love Music Video

  • Anonymous

    Check out Megan and Tiffany. They are just as good. Too bad these girls in this post and the ones in the link below can’t get a break.

  • Anonymous

    Opps. Sorry here’s Megan and Tiffany’s link

  • Anonymous

    i hate them, they have no extraordinary talent, just basic voices. Okay voices, but nothing special.

  • Anonymous18

    I super agree. Everything about them is mediocre.

    ..and this video is laughable (i.e the dancing).

  • ceeeral

    first time i’ve ever heard of them.. i like it! please don’t hate – i mean everyone has their own opinions and shouldn’t be knocked down for expressing em’!

  • BrokenArrow

    I think it was cute.

  • Anonymous

    Mediocre, no talent. If they have no talent, and are mediocre then Taylor Swift and Selena must not be able to sing at all. I’ve check out these girls web sites and their cover songs put the orginal artist to shame and they have covered a lot of artist. Their orginal songs are even better. Even the earlier videos back when they had no band backing them were better than most I have seen. Together they have around a quarter billion video views with several videos in the 10 of millions. You don’t get that kind of attention if you are a bad singer.

  • Anonymous

    i think this is really cute..and i think are really talented

  • Kaitlyn

    Wasn’t there best song! but guys if you haven’t heard about them before you should check out their other songs on youtube. Then maybe you guys can determine whether they are good or not. They have better orginal songs then this one.

  • Tina

    These girls are too good, stop saying they’re mediocre, YEA this video was cheesy i’ve been following them for years. Go look at all their other stuff, ESPECIALLY “Are You Happy Now?” that one is VERY GOOD. THen you can tell me if you still think they suck…….

    They should get their own section/tag on Oceanup

  • Anonymous

    i think their awesome, loving the new song as well!