From Jessica: Meeting The Wanted was a dream come true thanks to oceanUP! I was lead backstage to the boys dressing room right before they hit the stage! Walking into the room Jay was recording us with his infamous flip cam..

..for ‘Wanted Wednesdays’. Hugs and kisses were exchanged and we suddenly found ourselves talking about Disney World, since we were in Orlando after all! Nathan who is usually shy was very talkative and was explaining to me how they went to Disney for a couple of hours but weren’t able to go on any of the rides,

they had to sing at the Magic Kingdom. Jay was his bubbly self and we ended up having a complementing war. I blurted out ‘you have a beautiful face’ which is VERY true! I then went up to Siva who is painfully handsome.

He was lovely to meet and gives the best hugs! We then took a group picture and were lead out of the backstage area to go and enjoy the show! Thank you so much oceanUP for the AMAZING night!

  • Nathsgirl

    LVE <3The Wanted SOooo proud of them glad to be part of the TWFanmily :D

  • Caitriona

    I LOVE THEM!! ‘specially Nath :P They need a category for themselves like NOW haha !

  • Live.Love.Learn.

    This blows…wish I could’ve gone. Boo