• Warrior1461

    Me thinks the bra pics are not the sole reason for her twitter break. I think that, her recent partying ways and that blindgossip post. (If it turn out to be true) all lead me to believe Dems is on a “recovery lockdown” by her family and treatment team. He fall off the wagon all could have began when she started hanging out with Wilmer. Instead of going back to the TC she is under “house arrest” to relax, recover and focus on her craft. What she needs to be doing, not partying and dating D-list Douchebags.

  • Jade

    She’s so full of bulshit! “Sober is sexy”… yeah, right. What a big fraud. So Demi!

    And no, I’m not a Demi hater, I actually love her songs, her voice, I think she’s a very talented artist, a wonderful girl who is full of potential, but also a lost soul who will kill herself if she doesn’t stop being so stupid and irresponsible.

  • xAskTaylorx

    Shes not going to last, I’ll give it a day or two, not even a day, she will be back on in no time. But at least oceanup wont post anymore of her tweets. That’s a good thing.

  • Lara_HilaryDuffFan4Life

    I can’t believe it’s so-called ‘Lovatics’ that have made Demi leave twitter! And that she’s been attacked over something so pathetic! People need to understand that girls become women – they won’t keep the same image when they’re 19 as they did when they were 13, no matter who they are! As long as Demi is happy & healthy, that’s all that should matter! And if anyone is going to make her feel the opposite, it DEFINITELY SHOULDN’T be her fans… No matter what age you are, what gender you are, what race you are, if you have EVER questioned being a fan of Demi, whether it’s through the choices she has made, the friends she has or anything else, then you are 100% NOT a LOVATIC & you clearly don’t deserve that title! A LOVATIC is someone who will love and support Demi until the day they die & longer… If that’s not you, you don’t deserve to be part of our family & Demi definitely deserves better than you! 

    The saddest part is that people forget how many thousands of lives Demi has probably saved over the last year, the amount of people she has inspired… And what thanks does she get?? Yeah, well done all you fakers! Thanks for driving our hero away! 

    #LOVATIC4LIFE ~ Demetria Devonne Lovato, I promise to love, support and always be here for you for the rest of my days and forever after that! <3 I love you always Demi! <3

  • Live.Love.Learn.

    Good Riddance.

  • xAskTaylorx

    Nobody cares for your novel, unlike one other person. But it’s nice that you support Demi. Unless you are? 0____o @larahilarydufffan4life.

  • ChirpChirp

    Is she taking a break from twitter because of the bra pic?.
    …Yep, girls becomes womens, but…that doesn’t mean to take pictures like that.
    Anyway, I love Demi, but…sometimes she dissapoints me.

  • lovemestealmeawayy

    that was a long time to wait for that stink photo….to be taken..

  • lovemestealmeawayy

    what bra pic??

  • xAskTaylorx

    The one that was put on oceanup yesterday. Where she looks like a wax figure.

  • Trainups

    Demi is stubborn like she says. That is her BIG problem. She got help for her MAJOR issues BUT she still does the same stuff that was making her feeling hurt and angry before she went into TMT.
    1) Yeah you can have your “friends” BUT don’t have them take pics of you that can and will wind up on the Internet.
    She is a celeb and if she ALLOWS her friends to take these questionable pics/videos SHE can’t control what they do with them.

    Yeah we all as teenagers take sexy pics etc.. BUT do she really want the whole world to see them? It may seem innocent BUT she is a celeb and it is all about perception. It’s not just her immediate area judging her BUT the whole world.

    2) Be careful WHO you are friends WITH. I don’t give a crap if they have been in the same situation as YOU,had the same issues as you or “supports” you. You STILL have to look at that person’s character.
    Just because you both had the same issues or you understand each other etc.. does NOT mean that I would still hang with you if you both didn’t.
    Sheesh. This girl frustrates me and I know she is STILL young but have she not learned anything from the last 3 years?
    Still love her voice though and she has potential. LOL

  • DiamondsAreForever

    I agree with you Trainups.

  • LoveToLove

    she always says this and then comes back hours later haha

  • Anonymous

    ohh Demi..

  • Anonymous
  • pizza

    girl… why are you back there? O_o lol

  • Anonymous

    Uh oh and Demi this is like Deja Vu.

  • Anonymous

    youre so gay

  • kat

    trying to get your way out of the backlash for your slutty picture?

  • Anonymous

    (replying to this) – Jan 22, 2012 @ 03:39 pm
    pizza said:

    girl… why are you back there? O_o lol

    It was under the Jonas post down below under related stories. LOL

  • Anonymous

    she’s so annoying