Harry Styles & Caroline Flack BACK ON?


Caroline Flack made a ‘great impression’ on Harry Styles‘ family when she met up with them in Cheshire last weekend, reports The Mirror. Source: ‘Caroline & Harry are a full-on couple now. Things are getting serious pretty quickly & they’re in love. At first it was just a fling, but now they’re looking at a future together.

Caroline seemed to make a great impression with Harry’s mum & it was mission accomplished.‘ & She took to Twitter to once again hit back at hurtful comments made by a One Direction fan who Tweeted: ‘I’m sorry to this @carolineflack1 but even my mum says your ugly with make-up =)) [sic].‘ Caroline: ‘Awww how lovely your conversations sound..’

However, she has laughed off reports that she’s moving in with Harry.

  • BrokenArrow

    omg the spam :L

    Well i think jealous fans should stop sending her hate tweets just cause they can’t handle the fact that she’s with harry.

  • Live.Love.Learn.

    She is so immature it irks me. Of course jealous little girls are going to send her hate. They aren’t at the maturation level yet to know any better. She however is a 30 yr old woman. She should learn to fucking deal & ignore those types of comments.

  • oceanUP

    she needs to turn off her twitter :]

  • fixyouwithlove.xo

    meehh, this couple is still kind of weird to me. It’s just…Harry isn’t the most mature of all guys, even if she likes to say he is. He’s just not, but I love him for it. So, for a 30 year old to think investing her time in a rather cheeky 17 year old…just seems strange to me.
    I just really can’t wrap my head around it. I know love is love…but yeah.
    Oh well, if harry’s happy. I’m happy. :]