Nick Jonas Delta Goodrem Valentine’s

VALENTINE’S DAY PLANS WITH DELTA. Ryan asked Nick to address rumors new Jonas Brothers’ track is Dance Until Tomorrow: ‘It’s a song that we actually recorded probably two & a half years ago that we were thinking of maybe putting on our last album Lines, Vines, and Trying Times & we ended up not [doing it].

But we still love the song, and actually had some other artists express interest in recording it, but somehow this song leaked, fans responded really positively to it which was great.’ When can Jonas Brothers’ fans expect another album? ‘Here’s what I will say. Once I’m up and running in the show and feeling comfortable I’d say that my brothers and I are definitely going to start writing again.

It’s been a while. It’s going to have been 3 years at that point which is obviously the longest stretch we’ve ever gone without releasing [music]. We’ll start writing, and get more into it and hopefully we have something out for our fans. If not later this year, maybe next year.‘ Although Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day..

Nick is ‘interested to see what this [Broadway] schedule becomes as far as how tired I’ll be after these shows every night, because it is going to be pretty insane show as far as the dancing, singing, and acting goes. I think on Valentine’s Day I might make an exception and plan something.

Stay up a little bit later than I usually would. She [Delta Goodrem] is going back and forth to New York and L.A. and Australia this year. She’s really excited. She’s doing ‘The Voice’ this year over in Australia. And she’ll be back there quite a bit doing that.’ + Jonas dog pix and full SMASH episode one under.