Harry Styles, ‘I Didn’t Dump Caroline..’


Are YOU happy that Harry and Caroline broke up?!

  • fixyouwithlove.xo

    I hope Harry’s okay. A fan who met them said that he was crying. :'( poor bb.


    really? :( where did she/he meet them? That’s sad if it’s true.

  • Anonymous

    wow i love that he’s so open. their fans need to cherish that while it lasts, cuz as soon as they become huge, they will probably not be like that anymore.

  • MileyEqualsAwesome

    I don’t think he would come out and admit that they were in a relationship when all this time they said they were just having a good time, if it wasn’t real.

  • Dash

    Oh snap! If only every young start was so straight forward and candid with fans on their personal choices.

  • xDemiSmiley

    I never liked Caroline because she called Directioners little imature kids .. but yeah .. I think they did break up .. and else it’s not like it will be forever , What 32 year old woman wants to stay with a 17 year old teenager boy ??

  • gomezlovatocyrus.

    she’s gross. nuff said.

  • oceanUP


  • Anonymous

    Weren’t they all lovey Dovey, “meet the parents” fuck me all night stage?

  • Anonymous

    I BET YOU 20 BUCKS AND A CONDOM, that they did not break up and all of this is for publicity because 1D girls are nuts.

  • fixyouwithlove.xo

    20 bucks and a condom isn’t a very high bet. You don’t seem so sure, lmaoo. :P

  • BrokenArrow

    I also think it’s not true.
    But at least they’re gonna leave Caroline alone! :)

  • fixyouwithlove.xo

    I kind of think they did break up. It seemed like Caroline was getting a little fed up with the hate, as well as Harry always being around thousands of girls who want to jump him, haha : P

  • Anonymous

    why would a 32-year-old want to date a teenager anyway? This is worst than delta.

  • Stayer503

    I hope Harry’s okay. A fan who met them said that he was crying. :'( poor bb.

  • Anonymous