Lucy Hale & Chris Zylka DATING


Secret Circle’s Chris Zylka 26, is dating Lucy Hale 22, but his ex-girlfriend Gigi Feshold was upset when Chris flew to Lucy in Los Angeles this past weekend, tweeting: ‘Funny how now you are here all the time, and when we were an item, you didn’t seem to make any effort. #goodlookingout #enjoytheride.’ In her new Twitter bio, Gigi wrote ‘prettier than your new girl.

  • august

    Yeah LUCY HALE for the win! This chick seems like a bitch.

  • lov2shop123

    He looks like a white Taylor Lautner.

  • BrokenArrow

    his ex’s tweet LOL.

  • Anonymous

    What is that girl talking about Lucy Hale is gorgeous plus seems a really nice fun person. Just hope this guy is good enough for her and treats her well!!!

  • itwillbemeoneday

    looks like Taylor Lautner in the bottom pic

  • At Narina .

    lol his ex seems really mad at him

  • l?veislouder

    lol he really does resemble Taylor.
    I don’t believe this girl is prettier than Lucy, and I don’t even know what the girl looks like (unless the bottom picture is her, in which case, she’s definitely not prettier). her personality alone makes her ugly.

  • Anonymous

    lucy is very pretty

  • kardashian

    What a bitch, even If she is angry at him she doesn’t have to post that stuff online for everyone else to see. And she is not prettier Lucy is gorgeous that other girl is plain in my opinion, and Lucy has a better personality then her.
    But I have always wanted Lucy and Ian to date..