Zayn Malik can be seen kissing band mate Liam Payne in a behind the scenes video taken from the making of the group’s ‘One Thing’ official music video: ‘The concept was kind of Monkees or Beatles-esque.’

  • oceanUP


  • scarlettxo

    they look like vampires haha

  • DaFuckYeah

    That Kiss That Zayn Gave To Liam OMG SO CUTE !!
    and when liam slept on harry OMG I’M IN LOVE lol !!

  • christian fabray

    waw, thats so romantic and cute :) i want to liam that moment

  • Anonymous

    goosh i love ZAYN… i really want to be liam in that moment!!!

  • Anonymous

    they are so gay for me…

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous said:

    they are so gay for me…
    hey if you dont like them dont comment and shut up

  • BrokenArrow

    When Zayn kisses Liam so cuteeeee