Miley Cyrus famously moked salvia back in 2010, she laughed and allucinated seeing Liam Hemsworth. According to Demi Moore frantic 911 call, it’s possible that she did smoke salvia like her friend Miley, but wit serious complications..

..including convulsions and a near loss of consciousness, reports E! News. Dr. David Baron: ‘It’s quite possible [that Demi smoked salvia]. Even though we are speculating, it is not unreasonable to believe [the substance Moore’s friends say she was smoking in the 911 call] may have been salvia. It makes perfect sense.

Salvia is in the herb family.’ Friends said Demi suffered seizures when smoking something ‘similar to incense’, but that was NOT marijuana. ‘There is the risk of vomiting asphyxiation, i.e. choking on your own vomit or on your own tongue.

Smoking salvia has potential for long-term risk of addiction and damage to the lungs from smoking the substance. He noted there have not been studies that salvia causes permanent brain damage.’

  • ParisianChic

    i honestly doubt that anyone here cares…..

  • Dash

    It certainly caused brain damage to Miley. Either that, or she was already a dumbass.

  • ensuringthecrisis

    So sad that such a great actress would set herself up for harm.

  • BrokenArrow

    who caressssssss

  • Anonymous

    get well demi moore..

  • Anonymous

    I believe they were referring to K2 not Salvia.

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    aww well i really hope she gets through this

  • simpleness

    Jan 27, 2012 @ 03:08 pm
    Anonymous said:

    I believe they were referring to K2 not Salvia
    Isn’t that fake weed?

  • mfan2

    I hope Demi doesn’t regret marrying Ashton. I am praying for her.

  • Anonymous

    she’s old enough to take care of herself. Who cares about her anyway? This is meant to be a TEEN gossip site.