Justin Gaston Engaged To Melissa Ordway


Miley used to be close friends with Melissa..

  • Cleo

    This makes me very happy! Congrats to Justin and his future wife. Much better version of a bf than what followed him. Can’t wait to see them be parents. Thanks for clothespins!

  • Anonymous

    I told you guys Justin Gaston would be relevant after breaking up with Miley. Ta-da.

  • SavvySays

    He dodged a bullet. Congrats to him!

  • Anonymous

    Melissa sounds like a backstabbing slut. Doesn’t matter if they aren’t going out anymore, she’s your friends ex and you stay away. I used to have a friend like her, so pathetic and desperate

  • Anonymous

    congratulaions to justin gaston and melissa on your marriage.

  • carwy

    ummmm guys they know each other because they filmed a horror movie together with Carly Chaikin called Escapee. it was just a coincidence that they fell in love. they’re both hot, so just let it go. i think they’re cute.
    besides, the only reason melissa isn’t friends with miley anymore is because she broke up with justin baldoni who is one of miley and liam’s closest friends. they met during the last song. it was a bad breakup so yah, it’s sad but whatever. i’m happy for them and everyone else should be too

  • Anonymous

    congrats to justin and melissa. all you haters are the pathetic ones. i met both of them and they are both very nice. no one knows the real story. just let them be happy.

  • entertainmentlove

    If miley was still with him she would be so diffrent. oh. well

  • Anonymous

    she’s pretty. Much better than Miley… I never liked him, but I’m actually happy for him, I think (?)

  • aubrey

    so funny to see two of miley’s hang on’s marrying each other..can you say awkward.. at one point she was having doublr dates with miley and liam.. now shes hooking up with the ex.. too close for comfort for me

  • Anonymous

    Miley changed too much after breaking up with Gaston. But congratulations to these two!

  • Dash

    Pretty impressive. Justin was able to go from a nobody, to being groomed and pampered by Miley and her family, and ended up with a hott fiancee. He definitely capitalized on his famewhore status!

  • Anonymous

    I always thought justin g was a great catch he is hot he is super nice and he great to look at. congratulation to him i wonder if miley and him still speak? what up with girls first miley was friend with selena she went after her man, then melisa was her friend she went after her man too? whatever happen to having some respect for your friend boyfriends it means keeps your filthy hands out of other people boyfreind!

  • BrokenArrow

    Good for him!

  • justlaugh

    Talk about awkward.

  • Anonymous

    Wonder if Miley will be attending the wedding?