One Direction iCarly SET PICTURES


  • Sparks

    Yeah now directioners are hating iCarly… shut up and be proud of your boys. ps grow up.

  • fixyouwithlove.xo

    i love how i didn’t even see the title of the post, but I could make out that it was ID even through the blur <3 :P
    i need a hobby.. .

  • Anonymous

    i love you


    dont only washed up musicians end up guest starring on kid shows?… oh

  • Anonymous

    wow you need to get a life

  • Anonymous

    Eh, I used to adore them during the x factor, but now they seem all “glamour-fide”.. I even heard Harrys “break up” w/ Caroline was only to trick American fans into ” falling in love with him” .. Hopefully this isn’t true, but idk. :/

  • Anonymous

    ew if that is true, i will legit throw up. i’m so sick of celebrities lying about their relationship status in efforts to further their career.

  • dilemma

    why am I first ?
    I need to get a life

  • BrokenArrow

    PUNXX said:

    dont only washed up musicians end up guest starring on kid shows?… oh

    Well i dont think Justin is washed up musicians and he stared a kid show too …

  • followlighters

    kinda sucks, cause now the one direction fanbase is going to be 9-10yr olds -.-

  • At Narina .

    i don’t watch this show is it even good ?!!

  • Live.Love.Learn.

    iCarly’s pretty funny though ngl. It has so many subliminal messages and jokes for teens that kids wouldn’t understand.
    Trust me. iCarly >>>>>>>>> anything on Disney.
    At least it isn’t So Random *cringes*

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