Desperate Demi Moore‘s 911 call was scarier than it sounded. A source told Us ‘Everyone thought she was going to die.’ She was ‘convulsing’ after smoking an unknown substance. ‘She’s been really down, and she’s surrounding herself..

..with young people to make her feel better. & She has been obsessed for years with staying young and thin. She’s been mixing pills and Red Bulls, among other things.’ Demi loves to first and party with Zac Efron who is friends with Rumer Willis. She ‘tracked down’ in Venice neighborhood: ‘She seemed out of her mind at this party.’

  • mirandagirl

    Imma need people to quit namedropping Zac. kthanks

  • BrokenArrow

    run zac run

  • -Jenii

    who wouldn’t tbh
    zac is the one of the sexist fuckables human on this frkn planet

  • Anonymous

    I hope this is another case of false gossip (but I know she called 911 for a drug…) Zac is old enough though to go out with an older woman. He’s close to his mid 20s. Demi has much to live for–here’s hoping she gets past her (soon to be ex?) husband!

  • joejonasluver125

    She better not, im still waiting for him to get back with Vanessa Hudgens

  • l?veislouder

    while a reunion with Vanessa probably won’t happen, I don’t think associating with Demi in this way is a good idea…

  • dilemma

    she’s always had problems so it’s almost impossible for her to get on the right track at this age