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Niall Horan Metro Lyrics interview. Do you have a favourite line from the album? ‘Cause your friends, they look good, but you look better.’ It’s from the song ‘Stole My Heart.’ You and the band interpreted the lyrics to ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ as ‘You’re hot, and you don’t know it.’ Tell me one person that could apply to.

Ummm.. there’s no one like that in my life at the moment, but you see a lot of celebrities like that. You know Demi Lovato? She’s hot and she don’t know it.’ What’s it like being compared to groups like Take That, N’Sync & The Backstreet Boys? It’s absolutely incredible to even be put in the same sentence as these guys. These guys have sold an endless amount of albums.

Hopefully we can emulate a tiny bit of their success because if we were to get anywhere near that it would be a very big achievement. Hopefully we can do something like that. As you said, a [boy]band hasn’t really made their stamp on the Western World [recently], but hopefully we can go out there and people like us and like our music and get what we’re about.

Liam Payne MSN interview: You were studying musical technology A-levels. Is that production, engineering? ‘Yeah. It’s behind the scenes music stuff & doing gigs and doing the sound behind the stage and making CDs in the studio. So that was the stuff I was doing before, but that’s not really what I wanted to do.

..It was a secondary thing. To be on the stage and make a CD myself is what I wanted to do.’ Did you envision doing it as a solo artist, fronting a band or as part of a vocal group? ‘Originally, I did want to do solo stuff, but being in a band is so much more fun than being a solo artist. You learn a lot about the industry being in a group and how many long journeys you have to do.

..I mean, even this morning, we did a three, three-and-a-half hour journey to get to where we are now, and I’d be so bored without the boys. It would be the most boring thing ever, so it’s great being in a band. You get a lot more fun out of it.’

You just mentioned a girl who fancied you. Zayn said somewhere that you didn’t want to be a typical boy band. Why do even the words ‘boy band’ get groans from anyone other than teenage girls? ‘The whole boy band thing, it’s often been very scripted and a little bit cheesy. There was kind of a model for them back in the day, and I think it’s moved on since then, but some people still stick to the same sort of ‘boy band rule book’ that we all got to be really, really muscle-ly, need to be able to dance in time, and have really, really cheesy lyrics.

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