Taylor Momsen FHM FLAWLESS



  • GabbersluvsJB

    Well her parents must be proud..

  • ParisianChic

    attractive….. *sarcasm*

  • hello_lovely_much

    shes been 18 since july…
    and the reason she doesnt get as much attention as miley is because 1) she is not as famous
    2) besides one minor role in Underdog (i think that was the movei) she hasnt done any child movies since she was under the age of 10 3) she had a different audience and demogrphic under her belt
    4) she did get bad publicity when she first started her band and dressing provactively
    5) she never claimed to be a good christian girl and made remarks about being a good role model so she didnt really set any expectations for her behavior

  • yourallfreaks

    Ohmygod, eat something.

  • hello_lovely_much

    lol shes always been super skinny but i dont think she was ever a big food person i remember her saying before shes not big on junk food and sweets

  • kristin6410

    Even if she doesnt play the christian girl role it doesnt mean its ok to be doing this .

  • oceanUP

    miley said she’ll be a virgin until marriage!!

  • sweetgirl

    i dont even know who she is.

  • Nini0825

    It’s Sindy Lu Hoo from the Grench!!
    I was looking up what she looks like now and Taylor momsen popped up.

  • flomachine

    nobody cares…

  • kristin6410

    @oceanUP forget wat miley said its still not ok to dress like this … so why does everyone turn a blind eye just bc shes not super famous.. sigh watever

  • sexonfire11

    and ppl call miley trashy?!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    omg its hard to believe that shes the little girl from grench or whatever lol :p

  • Anonymous

    @kristin6410 no one said it was ok. taylor gets bad publicity too. just no one makes a big deal out of it because taylor is less famous a magazine with an article saying “Miley dresses provactively” would sell more than taylor dresses provactively. did you even read what the person said earlier. its not about whos worst its about whos more famous and who had what image. the only reason ppl bitched so much about miley is because of her audience no one is saying what taylor did is ok its just no one gives a shit about taylor to make a big deal out of it and taylors fans were mostly all teens

  • simpleness

    Thank you Monika.

  • Anonymous


  • MovesLikeJagger

    Ew, is she even legal yet? Where the hell are her parents?! If I tried to dress like this when I was a teenager, my dad would have smacked the common sense right back into me!

  • Anonymous

    Jenna Haze, porn star.

  • simpleness

    Who is the female with her breasts being cupped by taylor?

  • Monika

    Jenna Haze,pornstar

  • -Jenii

    oh snap

  • BrokenArrow

    i wanna party with her :P

  • Anonymous

    is she not 17? thats like my sis taking pics like this disturbing .

  • kristin6410

    Why can she dress like this at seventeen and miley cnt ….. sigh

  • Anonymous

    who likes this trashy, tacky girl…her desperate attempt at attention by dressing like a hooker is not cute!

  • Monika

    I love love love love love her!!