@ Denver Nuggets Vs. Los Angeles Clippers @Staples Center. PR Photos.

  • Viktoreyah

    i thaught she had her knuckles tattooed?:S

  • ProductOfDisney

    She does, it’s a white tattoo. You can see it in the photo with the 2 guys.

    Either way it’s a stupid and she’ll get it removed/regret it soon enough.

  • simpleness

    i thaught she had her knuckles tattooed?:S
    She did. It’s a UV/Blacklight tattoo , it glows in the dark(only in ultraviolet light, known as blacklight)

  • kristin6410

    I hate her nee hair…

  • WCheri

    Her hair kinda looks a mess…but okay.

  • JelenaRocks

    She looks Prettier With Red !

  • Anonymous

    i don’t know how she does it! no matter what she does on her hair, she always looks beautiful!

  • barbiescunt

    Her hair looks stupid, as usual. Why can’t anyone just tell this girl she’s a hot mess and just send her to rehab? Ugh.

  • Dash

    Haha. Everyone in the crowd is staring at her as she walks by. Like, “Woah, is that Rihanna??”