Vanessa Hudgens Losing Weight For Role


Vanessa Hudgens Daily Mail interview. On trying to lose weight to play a skinny prostitute and drinking a green health shake: ‘But it’s not for me. It’s just that I need to look emaciated for the next character I’m playing and I’m just trying to do it the healthy way.’ She’s preparing for the role of a 17-year-old prostitute in the Nicolas Cage thriller The Frozen Ground,

..having just finished work on Gimme Shelter, playing a pregnant & homeless teen: ‘But it isn’t about me wanting to do a 180-degree turn just to spite what I’d done before. I like to play different characters and to push myself. Sure, people had a certain knowledge of me after High School Musical, but it just made me fight harder for the roles I wanted. It definitely made me hustle.’

She’s already rumored to be worth $18 million. & Her hobbies include activities such as hiking, scuba diving and cliff jumping. ‘I’m an adrenalin junkie. I like stepping into the unknown.’ Vanessa refers to High School Musical as ‘a crazy time that just came out of nowhere.. Oh, the mums [were] crazy, pushing their children into you. They’d get really mad and aggressive if you didn’t do what they

asked you to, but because it was for their child, it was considered OK. They’ve called me a b**** when I wouldn’t be in a photo with them because I was in a rush, and it’s just something you have to laugh at. But, I can’t dish on the mums because they take their children to the cinema!

Girls would claw at Zac and, because they were teenagers with a lot of energy, they would chase for a long time. He had some crazy incidents when girls would try to rip his clothes off and he’d leave with claw marks all over him and his clothing in pieces.’ Didn’t Vanessa mind, seeing as she was dating him at the time? ‘Not really,’ she says. ‘They were obsessed with the character and who they wanted to see, so I was like, “Go for it!” I know who he actually is inside.’

On her nude pix:, ‘That was the s****iest time ever.. it was horrible. I just remember hiding out with my mum and sister and there’d be 30 paparazzi sitting outside the house being loud and obnoxious. It wasn’t a good time, but I took it for what it was and moved on.’ Did she ever find out who leaked the photos? ‘Well, that’s a whole other thing,’ she says cautiously, ‘and I mean, who would do that to somebody? It was a mean thing to do and I hope they go to hell,’ she says before smiling: ‘Just kidding!’

Does she have a particular type? ‘I like tall, blue-eyed blondies, you know, the skinny musician type.’ Austin, for the record, is a tall, blue-eyed blond who sings and plays guitar, ‘but I go for energies and personalities more than looks. It just happens that a lot of the guys I like seem to be blond with blue eyes.’

  • Anonymous

    Um no, YOU should read the article. She was “loosing weight for “Frozen Ground” which she ALREADY filmed. She doesn’t look “emaciated” by any means and these pics were taken AFTER she filmed that film.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry but she doesn’t look “emaciated” by any means. O_o

  • Anonymous

    That’s the whole point of her trying to lose weight. Read the title once in a while.