Life With Boys NEW Nickelodeon Show


Life With Boys created by Michael Poryes (Hannah Montana & That’s So Raven) stars Torri Webster as ‘Tess’ & Madison Pettis as ‘Allie’ is produced by Nelvana and Helion Pictures: ‘Life With Boys has enjoyed success in Canada and the UK and we are delighted that audiences in the US and around the world will finally meet these wonderfully real and memorable characters.’

Each episode follows 14-year-old Tess Foster navigating her way through the turmoil of teen life while living with her single, overprotective dad and 3 brothers. Although Tess adores the four important men in her life, they do have four totally different perspectives. Despite the shortcomings of being the only girl in a male..

..household, the boys can sometimes offer solid advice. Whether it’s building up the courage to talk to a boy, dealing with an obnoxious one, or coping with the repercussions of being the only girl on the boys’ wrestling team, Life With Boys sheds a comedic light on many of life’s difficult moments.

  • Anonymous

    The feel (and pictures) give me the feeling that this will be somewhat like and have the success of Wizards of Waverly Place or maybe iCarly. And ahhh, I hope they can keep their clothes after the show is over. I want the girl’s shirt.

  • Rachh

    LOL, this comes on in the UK and so many people make fun of it lol it looks like it was made in the 90s and its kinda pathetic how it’s SO boring. I just hate watching it, it’s so bland.

  • Anonymous

    Whoa, seriously? People usually love the 90s.

  • Anonymous

    Torri is an amazing girl this show deservs a lot of credit because the actors are working really hard! I think they are doing a fabulous job and it will be a hugr sucsess! give them more credit for everything. Who knows , maybe right now it might not be a hit but in a fiew years Torri Webster could be the next Miley or Demi. Think of it this way , Miley did not get credit when she first started Hannah Montana but now , shes an icon. just wait and see everyone

  • Anonymous

    How old are you? Just wondering. The show is aimed at younger audiences, so if you’re 12+ you might not enjoy it was much as the younger viewers do.

  • -Jenii


  • askashley

    I like how Disney and Nick are finally starting to make shows that the family can appreciate like back in the 90’s. Disney needs more shows like Good Luck Charlie..Shows for the whole family that everyone can relate to and grow old with, I miss the days when all the Disney shows focused on making the stars of their shows look like everyday life kind of people u know… now it’s so and aso is a superstar and u can be one too! I mean, don’t ge me wrong, I don’t think it’s a bad idea for kids to chase their dreams now-a-days, but, Ever since the Hannah Montana era, Disney has been all about music and going to hollywood. All of their shows have the same concept now and Disney stopped being original .

  • xhaleylynn

    That chick looks JUST like Miley when she was younger…..

    But I don’t think any Disney shows will ever have the success that the classic Disney kids had, from the Mickey Mouse Club up until Miley/Demi/JB/Selena and such.

    But this sounded just like Life With Derek! Which was the shit so I’ll definitely watch an episode(:

  • Anonymous

    I hear torri was at a party and got high and drunk.

  • Anonymous

    She did i was there with her. It was horrible, she gave like two guys a blow job

  • Anonymous

    they already show this in the uk have done since like november

  • Anonymous

    fail this show is a candaina show that started in like october

  • Anonymous

    Torri Webster (Tess Foster) is actually amaaazinnggg she’s so talented. NEW MILEY? for real. she’s so great

  • Anonymous

    she isn’t Miley good. Miley is extremely talented!! she’s okay but the show is boring

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  • Anonymous

    Not sure I like this comment (I like it, but don’t like it if that makes any sense). Miley was Hannah and apparently Madison is America’s Angel. Which means Madison might have to do something drastic to shed her 9 year old self. Kinda like Taylor Momsen is STILL trying to do with Cindy Lou Who.

  • august

    I love madison pettis. America’s angel lol

  • forthemoment.

    I actually really like this show..

  • BrokenArrow

    I like Madison.

  • Anonymous

    I’m gonna give it a try only because Madison is in it.

  • l?veislouder

    I immediately thought of “Life with Derek” after reading the title.