Louis Pulled Down Niall’s Pants


One Direction toured UK in a pimped-up tour bus which looked like the Playboy mansion on wheels. Loius told NOW: I pulled Niall’s trousers down at a service station and we egged a van. It was so funny. Zayn: We’ve shaved a few parts.. Louis: Which we won’t go into! Liam: My eyebrows are now coloured in, that was Louis. Zayn: I fell asleep and Harry shaved his initials in my leg hair.

Liam: & He’s got hairy legs. Louis: He woke up after the ‘H’ was shaved but was enjoying it, so Harry carried on. Zayn: My legs aren’t actually that hairy. The hair’s just really dark. So don’t all the practical jokes cause any rows? Louis: [As Harry and Zayn start play fighting] I can honestly say we haven’t had one tiff on tour.

UPDATE: On set with of iCarly!

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    this is old. i would like to see pics of their tour bus though.

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    lol this so old..