Ian Somerhalder Paul Wesley SHIRTLESS


The Vampire Diaries Damon will be waking up naked next to hot vampire, TV Guide reports Smallville’s Cassidy Freeman was cast as Sage: ‘Expect her to be pretty badass.’ Sage will debut in ‘1912’ episode in compromising positions.

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  • Anonymous

    Wow. I’ve never watched a single episode but these pictures are quite…. interesting. Reminds me so much of… No it’s exactly like Twilight… Even their hair and expressions…

  • Anonymous

    ahhh delena forever stefan had his chance

  • lauragxo

    they are all very very hot

  • kstewfan

    The guys are kinda cute but the girl looks ugly and NO i am not jealous!

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  • FrancyJonasGomez

    HOLY MOLY PAUL WESLEY <333333333

  • Ellie

    How is that disgusting? They’re good pictures. And she isn’t ugly. You shouldn’t call people ugly to begin with. She’s a beautiful girl, and they’re handsome men. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. I could care less about celebrities lol but either way, nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Didn’t thumper teach you anything!!! Hahahahahaha

  • hmsuri

    shirtless ???
    they are NAKED

  • TeamStelena

    Photos are amazing! :D Paul and Nina look so good together, even though she’s with Ian. :)

  • Anonymous

    you realize how,nina is wearing a bra or something when she poses with paul..but when she’s with Ian she’s literally naked i guess ;)

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