One Direction NEWS UPDATE

Zayn Malik on having a Valentine: ‘I’m going to stick to my mysterious role & say maybe I have a Valentine, maybe I don’t.’ Zayn admitted he has been ‘texting & talking’ with Perrie Edwards, but insisted that they are just ‘good friends.’ Harry: ‘They’re on poo terms.’ Louis: ‘You have a good time when you’re on poo terms.’ Zayn: ‘We’re not on poo terms!’

They will be in Paris with French fans on February 14. Liam Payne said that his dream Valentine would be Kim Kardashian, Niall Horan admitted to having a crush on Miranda Cosgrove and Harry and Louis? They only have eyes for each other apparently. Harry Styles ex-girlfriend Caroline Flack was spotted out with New Zealand singer Sam McCarthy at the Crown & Goose Pub in Camden.

Niall on their car crash this year: ‘We were leaving a venue in Birmingham. We were three miles out of the city centre and stopped at a set of traffic lights. We were there for a few seconds & a car came into us at 30mph. I actually laughed afterwards. I don’t know why, but I thought it was funny it felt like being in..

..bumper cars.’ Big Time Rush loves One Direction: ‘We found out quickly that they had the same sense of humour and we’re gonna have a great time on tour. We love British sense of humour; I think it’s a little bit dirtier than the American. It’s too PC in America. They are very Topshop. We wear Armani, more dark & cool and sexy. I think it varies but sometimes we wear tanks and shorts.’ Harry went out with his parents last night!

  • Anonymous

    i already read this. anyway, does poo terms mean friends with benefits? lmao. on a side note, i’d like to marry a british man. they seem a bit more naughty. also, i love the word cheeky.

  • Anonymous

    the pictures of him at Rosso are like sex

  • sahina91

    guess what? i pass that Russo restaurant everyday on my way to university =D shame i had just missed him =D