One Direction Nickelodeon TV SHOW?

One Direction may be offered their own show by Nickelodeon the boys attracted thousands of fans while in the US. Source told Now: ‘Simon [Cowell] has vowed to launch them on the US X Factor, while Nickelodeon are in talks.. give them their own show.’ On Harry possibly being promoted to lead singer: ‘They are determined to carry on the way they have been, without a lead singer. Harry certainly hasn’t asked for all this attention.’

  • lovelife

    i agree with the previous comments. liams is the strongest singer and has the best voice. and is the maturest. if anyone was to be the leader it should be him… but one direction dosnet need a lead singer. there all amazing.. and all bring something different to the group. America is stupid if they try to make harry the leader..he is the most popular with the ladies yes..but making him the leader will just sooner or later cause problems with the other boys. thats why american boybands dont last longer than 5 years tops. they all break up sooner or later cause the lead singer wants to go solo. (beyonce..justin timberlake..nick carter).im american and 20 years old. so i kinda know what im talking about. im not some mental 12 year old fan. i adore them all. and hope they dont do the lead singer thing. they dont need it :) and they dont need a show. there very successful without one!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Exactly. It will eventually lead to problems between the boys which would b the death of 1d considering a lot of their popularity is based on how well their personalities mesh. Stay equal & no acting!

  • Anonymous

    One Direction is amazing as it is! they have some so far, and are only going in one direction, which as we all know, is Up! They can do this together.They dont need a lead singer. Yes i understand liams maturity is a key factor but and yes harrys a lovable guy but niall and louis hardly get enough singing time as it is. I think it would be great to hear them all equally because they all bring diffrent things to the group and it should not be hidden away. I think america should stop pretending they even have a say in the matter and back off. One direction is amazing as it is. Stop trying to ruin it bro. As for the tv show thing, i think they should focus a bit more on the music. The joe bro on the family show was amusing sometimes but it got old fast along with the joe bros themselves.

  • Anonymous

    i love them <3

  • adorkabledanni


  • iJamaikaLyze

    True. I don’t want them to have their own TV Show. We support them because they’re awesome singers. I want them to be like WESTLIFE. I want them to focus really on their music. I don’t wanna be selfish (because I know I sounded like it now), I just don’t want them to be distracted by acting.

  • Anonymous

    I hope the boys are able to stick up for themselves and not become puppets for these music executives. They’re going to get eaten alive if they don’t make smart decisions now. Focus on the music!

  • Anonymous

    This cannot happen for multiple reasons. Liam is by far the strongest singer in the group. He has the best technique and nasa beautiful voice that is never off pitch. If you haven’t noticed, Liam has gotten most if the solos for that very reason. He’s so mature about it too. Zayn has improved so much to that he comes close. I love Harry but that decision is ridiculous and stupid.

  • Live.Love.Learn.

    Ewe no. If they did get a show, I’m sure it would be centered around their music career, and that is sooo overdone and boring IMO. Nickelodeon already has Victorious, Big Time Rush, and that new show How To Rock which all focus on music. I mean, can they even act? Probably not. They just need to focus on their music career. Small guest appearances and cameos are fine, but I pray they don’t start acting.

  • Anonymous

    Liam is the strongest singer. He is always on point in every live performance. I love Harry but their purely basing thisfrontman decision off of popularity which is dumb. The whole thing is ridiculous

  • Anonymous

    To be honest, One Direction is too good for Nickelodeon. Nickelodeon is for a younger range of viewers and 1D are in there 20’s. Then all these 10 year old girls with love them and 1D will be a joke. No, that cannot happen. Nick already does have Victorious, BTR, etc. BTR are also in their 20’s and im sure their not as famous or popular they were intended to be. If One Direction has a TV show, make it on MTV or VH1, at least a more of a older age(15+) viewers.